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Time & Place

Time & Place

  • Where is the event?

  • When does the event begin and end?

  • How many people are you expecting?

Enliven Wellness Festival 2024 is being held during the August Long Weekend (2-5) and is located in Birken BC (exact location disclosed to ticket buyers closer to the event). We are anticipating receiving around 500 people this year. Our opening ceremony begins at 6:00 pm on Friday Aug 2nd and our closing circle ends at approximately 12:00 pm on Monday Aug 5th. You may purchase an early entry pass to gain access to the festival from 12:00 pm on Thursday August 1st. We encourage everyone to be present for the whole duration to get the full experience of this gathering.



  • What can I expect from this event?

  • What kind of activities are available?

  • When will I be able to see the lineup and schedule?

Enliven Wellness Festival is centered around deepening our relationship to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world. With that intention in mind, we will be offering a variety of workshops, ceremonies and talks to promote wellness in body, mind and spirit. There will be an array of masterful artistic expressions from live music and DJ sets to acrobatic and dance performances. As well as an opportunity for you to participate! We will also have a beautifully curated vendor area with artisans selling their handmade items and high vibrational food trucks where you will be able to purchase nourishing meals.

Our lineup is set to be released by June 15th. Schedule is TBA!



  • What are children ticket prices?

  • What kinds of activities are there for children?

We are offering a staffed children’s area with activities and workshops. Schedule will be released at a later date with more details. To purchase children's passes, click on the “more pricing options” button when on the ticket purchase page.

Youth passes (between 13-17 yrs old) are 50% of adult prices. Children passes (under 12 yrs old) are $1

(required for registration purposes).

Ticket Perks

  • What does my ticket give me access to?

  • When are the gates open?

  • Can I leave the festival site and return?

Your Enliven Festival 2024 ticket includes access to the festival grounds and a tent camping pass for the weekend. Early entry pass holders will have access to the grounds from 12:00 pm on Thursday August 1st. The gates will be open for admission between Friday Aug 2nd at 12:00 pm and will close on Saturday Aug 3rd at 6 pm. You will be able to leave in case of an emergency, however, ins and outs are not advised as it creates a logistical challenge for you and our team to manage. 

Ticket Perks

Early Entry - Single Day

  • Can I set up before the event?

  • Can I purchase a day ticket?

This year, we highly encourage early arrival to the festival grounds to ensure a stress-free journey, inviting more nature connection and allowing for grounding time. This early access ticket must be purchased on the website, before arrival, and allows you to access the grounds from 12:00 pm on Thursday. Early entry tickets will be available from June 15th through our website. If you purchased a ticket, you will be notified.


We are considering offering single day tickets for local residents, however they will not be available until the end of July. Email subscribers will be notified when they become available. We strongly encourage you to come for the duration of the event to get the full experience! 


  • How do I get to the festival grounds?

  • When should I arrive?

Directions and arrival instructions will be sent out to confirmed ticket holders closer to the date. Gates open at 12:00 pm on Friday August 2nd for regular admission and 12:00 pm on Thursday August 1st for early entry ticket holders.


  • Where can I park my vehicle?

  • Can I bring my RV onto the property?

  • Can I come and go from the event?

Parking will be provided in a free parking lot off-site, or you can purchase a parking pass on-site for an additional fee. If you wish to camp with your vehicle or RV, this will incur extra fees. Car camping and RV passes will become available by June 15th. You will be able to leave and return to the free lot, but not to your car camping or RV spot within the campground. 

Early Entry - Single Day


  • What is the camping environment?

  • Can I camp next to my vehicle?

  • Can I sleep in my vehicle?

  • Will there be a communal kitchen?

Your Enliven Festival ticket includes a tent camping pass for the main GA campground. This year, we have the privilege of celebrating on private land in beautiful Birken BC which offers spaces for camping in the forest. We encourage you to bring a minimalist camping setup to save space, and pool resources with your friends make a cozy camp for yourself.

The communal kitchen is making a comeback, and we highly recommend making use of it in order to connect with the community and to keep the forest safe from potential fires and wildlife attractants. 


Terrain & Mobility

  • Is the festival accessible by wheelchair?

  • What are the grounds like?

The terrain is accessible with a wheelchair this year, and is relatively well groomed pathways, however there are some moderately steep hills. If you are in a wheelchair, we would recommend making sure to have someone to assist you up the hills. The terrain is natural: grass & dirt. We recommend bringing chairs, tapestries to sit on and appropriate footwear for your comfort and safety.

Terrain & Mobility
Water & Food

Water & Food

  • Is there water available on site?

  • Can we cook our own food?

  • Will there be food for purchase?

We recommend bringing your own water for consumption. We will also have potable water on site for you to drink and refill from. We recommend having at least 3L of water per person, per day (for drinking, and more for dishes, cooking etc). 

There will likely be a fire ban, which means we cannot have any open fires for cooking, small gas stoves only (and please use with caution!). We will have a communal kitchen set up to encourage collaboration and connection.


We will have a couple of high vibrational food vendors on site that will sell meals, drinks and snacks.


Food court schedule: 

Thursday : 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm 

Friday/Saturday/Sunday : 8:00 am - 10:30 pm 

Monday : 8:00 am - 12:00 pm 

Garbage & Recycling

  • What is my responsibility when it comes to my garbage and recycling?

  • Should I pack out what I pack in?

  • Can I use glass containers for my beverages?

It is important to be aware of the waste we create. Though we will have minimal refuse stations, we ask that you bring a container for your personal garbage and recycling items and containers. Please bring them back and manage them at home. This is a fundamental practice of responsibility when spending time in nature. Pack in and pack out whatever you bring.

Please do not bring glass containers on the festival grounds!

Garbage & Recycling

Safety Measures

  • Can I make a campfire?

  • Is there wi-fi or cell signal on site?

  • What happens in case of an emergency?

There will very likely be a fire ban - we do not allow any firearms, fireworks or open fires.

Glass - we do not allow any glass on site.

Wifi - there is no wifi or cell service available on site.

Pets - we do not allow pets on site.

We have trained first aid responders along with a first aid tent and an emergency fire response plan which includes direct communication to emergency authorities.

Wildlife & Pets

  • Can I bring my pet?

  • What kind of wildlife will be in the area?

  • What do I need to be aware of in regards to wildlife?

We are not permitting any foreign animals or pets at the festival. Please be respectful of wildlife, including plants, animals and insects. The natural world has much to teach us when we listen instead of imposing our desires upon them. Be mindful where you set your tent and your feet. Be kind to other living beings and be content to observe them in their natural environments. After all, they are all our relations.

Conscious Consumption

  • Will the vendors sell alcohol, cannabis and psilocybin?

  • Can I bring my own medicines?

  • Will there be a Sanctuary?

We do not sell or promote the use of alcohol, cannabis or illicit substances during the festival. Each person is responsible for their own consumption of any drugs, medicines, substances and for their actions while under their influence. Be mindful and respectful towards your own health, body and mind, as well as towards the wellbeing of the other participants. We will have the InTeaGration Lounge where trained space holders will be present at set times for those who wish to integrate their experiences. We have a first aid tent on site to respond to any emergencies.


  • Is there a body of water nearby?

  • Are there any lifeguards on site?

There are two creeks running through the property as well as Gates Lake down the road. We ask that you do NOT bathe in the creeks as they are the direct line to our drinking water. We will have a cold plunge in the spa zone for refreshing, and Gates Lake is ideal for a daytime swim.

You are responsible for your own safety in the water. We cannot stress enough the importance of watching your children in the water. Enliven Festival does not take responsibility for your safety at the creeks, cold plunge or nearby Gates Lake. There will be no lifeguards on site. 


  • Can I volunteer for the Enliven Festival 2024?

  • What kind of volunteers does Enliven need?

Enliven Festival requires many volunteers to make it possible for everyone to enjoy their experience. Every year, we ask potential volunteers to fill out a Volunteer Application Form and include relevant skills and experience information for us to assess who to add to our team. Volunteer applications are now CLOSED. For any questions, see Applications FAQ or email 


  • How can my company participate to the Enliven Festival?

  • Do you have sponsorship packages?

The Enliven Festival is made possible by sponsors who share our values of respectful, holistic living, health & wellness and authenticity. We would love to promote your products, services and offerings to our community! Please contact us to see what kind of sponsorship opportunities we offer. We also accept Vendor Applications for our market. Vendor applications are now CLOSED. 

Safety Measures
Wildlife & Pets
Conscious Consumption

Fund Allocation

  • Where do Enliven funds get allocated?

  • Does Enliven support charities?

We are in communication with local Indigenous representatives to decide how we will be allocating a percentage of ticket sales revenue towards reciprocal action. Funds are used mainly to cover rental, infrastructure, staffing, artist, travel and material costs required to run the festival.

Fund Allocation

Refund Policy

  • Can I get a refund for my pass?

  • What happens if I miss the ferry?

  • Can I transfer my pass to someone else?

We do not offer any refunds on ticket purchases. Please be diligent in planning your trip to the festival site, including pre-booking your ferry travel if applicable to you, and arranging yourself a ride if you do not have a vehicle. If you would like to transfer/sell/give your ticket to someone else, please send us an email at to inform us of the names of the new ticket holders and who they are replacing on the list.

Refund Policy

Ticket Exchange Process

  • How do I sell my ticket?

  • What happens if I get scammed?

How to sell your ticket:

1. Find a buyer. You can do this through our Enliven Festival Community Facebook Group. You can also post on Instagram and tag us @enlivenfestivalbc and we will happily share the post on our stories to increase your reach.


2. Once a buyer is secured, please ask for their full legal name and email address. Send us an email at to inform us of the name and email of the new ticket holder(s). We will respond to that email confirming to the buyer that you are a verified ticket holder, so they can feel confident about sending you the money. When you receive payment, please respond and confirm you've been paid. We will then cancel your ticket(s) and issue new ones to the new buyers. 

3. IF YOU ARE BUYING A SECOND-HAND TICKET, PLEASE BEWARE. Last year we had multiple scammers posting in our Facebook Group that we did our best to delete as soon as possible, but a few people still unfortunately purchased false tickets. If you are buying a second hand ticket, ALWAYS check in with us by emailing FIRST. 

We do not take responsibility if you purchase a false ticket. 

Ticket Exchange

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