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AUGUST 2-5, 2024



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Our Mission

Our Values

Our Vision

To cultivate a supportive and sustainable global community that's committed to inner healing and harmonizing with the natural rhythm of our Mother Earth. 


To create a space for authentic and courageous human connection and expression, and to be a place where earth and body wisdom is shared across cultures and generations.

~ AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION: All of you is welcome here! Enliven provides opportunities to move beyond limiting beliefs that prevent you from shining your light. Uncover your deeper layers and fall in love with all parts of you. Witnessing others and being witnessed in this state is truly life changing!

~ EMBODIMENT: Our bodies are sacred and we honour their place in our lives. We believe they are the pathway to true enlivenment. We invite all to be more fully present and embodied through mindfulness, movement and music.

~ INCLUSIVITY: All activities are open to everyone! Each of us navigates life at a different pace. We encourage all voices, including marginalized and BIPOC, to share their stories, culture and wisdom. Contact us about BIPOC scholarships.

~ RECIPROCITY: We work diligently to take care of the area we occupy, to offer our prayers, time and energy towards supporting the wellbeing of the land and of the inhabitants of the surrounding area. 

~ SAFETY: We strive to provide a safe haven for everyone for our mental, emotional and spiritual well being by ensuring that trained facilitators and guides are available to support those who need it.

~ SLEEP: We recognize that sleep plays an important role in keeping us healthy and balanced, so we don't have music going all hours of the night. Rest when you need to!

~ SOBRIETY: Authentic human connection is possible when we are present in our bodies and our experience. We encourage everyone to be conscious and intentional with their substance consumption.


"Connection is Medicine."


3 Full Days of: 

  • Ceremony

  • Earth Connection & Stewardship

  • DJ's & Live Music

  • Transformational Workshops 

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Contact Dance

  • Embodiment Exploration

  • Yoga

  • Breathwork

  • Consciousness Exploration

  • Sound Journeys

  • Drum Circle

  • Somatic & Emotional Healing

  • Song Circles

  • Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

  • Personal Empowerment 

  • Permaculture Education

  • Indigenous Cultural Education

  • Authentic Relating 

  • Open Mic & Fireside Jams 

  • Kids' Activities

  • Dance & Acrobatic Performances

EmbodiMENt  Community  Co-Creation

& most importantly....the most vibrant and loving community! 


What makes Enliven special, is it's a place that will leave you feeling :

Nourished  ~  Revitalized  ~  Inspired

and more  Energized  than when you arrived! 

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