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Enliven Festival
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August 4-7 | 2023
Sunshine Coast BC

EmbodiMENt Community

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PLEASE NOTE! Applications are full for this year. This includes Volunteer, Facilitator, Performer and Vendor applications. We encourage you to apply again next year! 

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ prior to contacting us. We have limited capacity to respond to emails as we will be on site building and preparing for the festival. Thank you for your cooperation! 



What makes Enliven special, is it's a place that will leave you feeling :

Nourished  ~  Revitalized  ~  Inspired

and more  Energized  than when you arrived! 

2022 Official Aftermovie

2022 Official Aftermovie

Our Mission

Our Values

To create a space for authentic and courageous human connection and expression, and to be a place where earth and body wisdom is shared across cultures and generations.

Our Vision

To cultivate a supportive and sustainable global community that's committed to inner healing and harmonizing with the natural rhythm of our Mother Earth


~ Authentic Expression : All of you is welcome here! Enliven provides opportunities to move beyond limiting beliefs that prevent you from shining your light. Uncover your deeper layers and fall in love with all parts of you. Witnessing others and being witnessed in this state is truly life changing!

~ Embodiment : Our bodies are sacred and we honor their place in our lives. We believe they are the pathway to true enlivenment. We invite all to be more fully present and embodied through mindfulness, movement and music.

~ Inclusivity : All activities are open to everyone! Each of us navigates life at a different pace. We encourage all voices, including marginalized and BIPOC, to share their stories, culture and wisdom. Contact us about BIPOC scholarships.

~ Reciprocity : We work diligently to take care of the area we occupy, to offer our prayers, time and energy towards supporting the wellbeing of the land and of the inhabitants of the surrounding area. 

~ Safety : We endeavor to provide a safe haven for children as well as for mental, emotional and spiritual healing by ensuring that trained facilitators and guides are available to support those who need it.

~ Sleep : We recognize that sleep plays an important role in keeping us healthy and balanced, so we don't have music going all hours of the night. Rest when you need to!

~ Sobriety : Authentic human connection is possible because we are present in our bodies and our experience. We encourage everyone to be conscious of their substance consumption.

Our Story

Our humble festival began in 2021, when a small group of grassroots entrepreneurs decided to go out on a limb and bring a small 1 day yoga festival to Cheekye Ranch in Squamish, BC. We were inspired to create an inclusive, conscious gathering that brings people together simply to enjoy local artists and healers. We knew our friends had incredible gifts & talents to share, and we wanted to set the stage for them to be seen! It was just the medicine we needed, when the world was being divided and people were experiencing such unhealthy levels of disconnection.

It has since blossomed into more than we could have ever imagined. We knew we had to continue creating spaces for all the incredible souls to deepen the connections they'd made, and further weave the web of co-creation that had begun. We gathered for monthly full moon ecstatic dances for the majority of the year, growing our network and celebrating Beltane with a 1 day fire festival in May 2022. By August 2022, we pulled off a full 3-day festival at Willowcraft Garlic Farm, nestled amongst the mountains, flowers and trees. 

We lost one of our close friends that year, Andrew (Bobo) Beaumont. It wasn't all perfect, in fact parts of it were unbearably painful, but as a community we pulled through and we were able to honor Bobo by creating the most magical weekend of our lives. He loved dancing, and his presence was felt throughout the weekend as our feet danced upon the belly of the earth. 

Over the years, our founders have experienced profound transformation and attained new levels of freedom and expression by attending festivals across the country and all over the world. There is something truly magical about spaces that cultivate love, and show us the power of giving, co-creation and celebration.

We've gathered inspiration from international festivals such as Envision in Costa Rica, Tribal Gathering in Panama, Burning Man, AfriKa Burns & other regional burns, Shambhala, Basscoast, She is Wild, Heart of Tantra and more. Having such a wide variety of experience, we like to think we've hand picked the most impactful and transformational aspects of many types of gatherings, to curate a journey that is sure to inspire and unite people from all over, as one family. The founding team loves talking about philosophy and consciousness as much as we love throwing down on the dancefloor! We strive to be a place that you don't have to compromise; great party, amazing people, good vibes, healthy nourishment, so much to learn, and a deep reverence for mother (& lover!) earth. 


Aug 4-7, 2023 : Sunshine Coast BC

3 Full Days of: 

  • DJ's & Live Musicians

  • Workshops 

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Contact Dance

  • Drum Circle

  • Yoga

  • Breathwork

  • AcroYoga

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Sound Journey

  • Somatic & Emotional Healing

  • Song Circles

  • Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

  • Masculine & Feminine Gatherings

  • Indigenous Cultural Education

  • Authentic Relating 

  • Open Mic & Fireside Jams 

  • Kids' Activities

  • Dance & Acrobatic Performances

& most importantly....the most vibrant and loving community! 


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